VitaMix Blender-Essential In Your Kitchen!

In this festive season, every house hold is busy cooking mouthwatering dishes to celebrate the family gatherings in the holidays. Festive cooking means special recipes and special dishes which invariably involves a lot of preparation. These preparations are the most tiring part of cooking as they involve cutting the vegetables, pureeing them or making sauces and gravies, blending spices and materials for them which take too much time and effort. Get the VitaMix Blender, and cook a stress free meal this festive season. With this blender in your kitchen your preparation time will be cut in half as it will do all the preparations in no time. When the cooking time is reduced, you will be able to spend more time with your family rather than in your kitchen.

The VitaMix Blender will be of tremendous help to you as it will do the chopping and grinding and blending which is necessary for your recipes. You will be able to make sauces and gravies by blending the materials and pureeing the vegetables in your blender. You will be able to grind whole grains too and also prepare your pan cake batter or waffle batter in your blender. Blend a perfect drink for the cocktail party at your home and get praised for it. The VitaMix blender will ensure that you are not too tired by cooking a feast to meet and spend time with your guests. So make your life simpler and easier by getting this blender for your kitchen this festive season.

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Breville Juicer-essential in a healthy home!

In our efforts to be healthy and fit many machines help us by minimizing our efforts and giving us great results such as Breville Juicer. When you have a juicer in your kitchen then you can make juices of almost every fruit and vegetable and have a healthy drink ready when you need it. Drinking juices will help our body to easily assimilate all the essential vitamins and nutrition. Even when you are pressed for time and cannot have breakfast, then a glass of juice will help you to get the necessary nutrition. With the simple and quick operation and hassle free cleaning process the Breville Juicer is the ideal machine for women who have to complete so many tasks in the morning.

You can provide healthy and tasty natural juices for your kids and family in just few minutes with the help of Breville Juicer. The dishwasher safe parts make it easy to clean and therefore you need not spend too much time cleaning it after every use. These juicers are also available for commercial use like restaurants where they need to extract juices in bulk and don’t have much time on their hands. The large pulp container means that you don’t have to empty it repeatedly. With its extra wide feed chute, you can put in the whole fruits and vegetables and this will also save time when you have to make juices for a large number of people. So don’t wait, get this juicer which will be your true assistant in your kitchen.

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Preserve Your Harvest with the Help of Food dehydrator!

If you are a person who loves gardening and as a result your garden is like a small back yard farm with good harvest every summer. If your harvest is large and you can’t consume all the fruits and vegetables, even after giving it to family and friends, then preserving them is the only option for you. This way the home grown produce will not be wasted and you will be able to enjoy the fruits and vegetables in winter. The Food dehydrator will be useful for such a large task. Sun drying your food is a lengthy process but if you dry your food in this machine then it will take less time. It uses solar energy or electricity as an energy source, so it is also energy efficient. You need not worry about the electricity bills which are already high in summer.

When you are using your food dehydrator dry your harvest, it means there are no added preservatives which can be harmful for your health. You won’t be using sugar like the canning process so there are no extra calories added to your fruits and you will be able to enjoy the natural taste of the fruit later. While drying your food in the food dehydrator you have to take care of two things, one is that the temperature should be constant and there should be adequate air flow. If you have a food dehydrator with stackable trays then you have to remember that the trays closer to the heat source dry faster so you have to keep rotating the trays so that your food is dried perfectly.

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A complete versatile blender for your needs–Vitamix blender 5200

Vitamix blender 5200 is an efficient blender with a powerful motor from Vitamix which is renowned for producing quality blenders for many years. It comes with a handy cook book and really you can make any type of meals with the help of this amazing blender. I once tried to make a hot soup in it and the result was impressing, the whole soup was prepared in seconds. Another day I tried to prepare a carrot juice and within no time it was prepared. The process was smooth and it was enjoyable.

I have really bad experience in cleaning of other blenders but this blender has ended my problem .I just used a minute quantity of detergent and filled the blender half with water and started it. Just after a few seconds I stopped it and rinsed and I got it clean and shining.

If you want to know the Cons then I want to tell you that the height of the blender can be a drawback which can be a problem in a small kitchen having smaller cabinets. Also when making thicker mixtures like pumpkin soup it develops some air bubbles and we have to use tampers provided to smoothen the process.

The blender comes with different packages and if you have money to spend on a good blender then I will suggest you to go for this Vitamix blender 5200 because the deluxe package comes with many accessories like cutting boards ,cookbooks and with different types of blending jars which turns your cooking experience to the perfection.

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